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Forever Gifts, Inc strives to create value for our customers by fostering a culture of innovation, quality, and consistency. Our commitment to customers is mirrored by our dedication to giving to those in need. Our company and employees strive to do good through service, love, and giving. These are just a few examples of ways our company is committed to giving to others, and we hope to continue to grow in our charitable capacities as we expand.

What We Stand Behind

Forever Gifts provides support to many causes in the US and around the globe. We provide a portion of our profits to improving the standard of living in countries outside of the United States, giving to organizations that provide clean water and help to those in need. Here in the United States, Forever Gifts has a commitment to supporting our US Military Veterans both morally and financially by giving to Veterans organizations.

The API Council is a 57-member coalition of nonprofit organizations in San Francisco that ensures underserved Asian & Pacific Islanders’ needs are visibly engaged, addressed, and represented in policies, research, and data collection, and equitable funding allocations to advance overall healthy communities to enhance and shape San Francisco’s continued vibrant evolution.

As the premier voice on behalf of Asian & Pacific Islanders, API Council believes that all residents should have access to programs and services that empower them to make choices that improve their standard of living.

API Council aims to be a leader on behalf of San Francisco’s API residents, ensuring their needs are prioritized and represented in policies, research, and data collection. We advocate for equitable funding allocations to foster healthy communities that contribute to San Francisco’s vibrant culture.

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There are people who need us to show them love, people who need hope this year, pregnant women in terrible situations, prisoners who feel trapped in their cycle of hurt and crime, mothers who need a safe place for themselves and their children. These are the people God calls us to care for, and that is what we need to do.

The KCBI family, provides Bibles into prisons, distributes food to those who are hungry, and pays for ultrasounds for pregnant mothers who aren’t sure they should keep their babies. And, at the core of what they do, Bible-centered music and messages are always on the air.